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Sunday, November 9, 2014

 Alexa Chung in Louis Vuitton
 Sunny Harnett
 Claire Underwood: House of Cards
 Natalia Vodianova
 Jane Siegel: Mad Men
 Lara Stone 
 Claire Underwood: House of Cards
Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

       I love dressing for work. I love it more than dressing for a night out or my days off, and I can safely say I feel more powerful in my conservative office-wear than I think I ever do in a little dress and heels. My clothing, for the first time, reflects my sense of self-actualization and all that I've worked hard for in and after school. (Some of you have asked: I am an assistant attorney recruiter at a law firm here in NYC).

       I remember getting dressed for high school and college and feeling like I couldn't wear all the things I really imagined myself in. (Which shouldn't be true for everyone, I just would have felt overdressed for my 8 am classes full of kids still in pjs). But NOW I have to dress up every day and it is my favorite ritual. I actually don't own a pair of blue jeans or sweatpants: it just ain't me! Sofia Coppola once said she opts for black pants/jeans instead of blue jeans, because they look more tidy. I agree with this.

       I think people appreciate you putting in some effort to look nice for THEM. They feel respected when you respect YOURSELF in this way. Respect yourself and others.

       In terms of what I actually like to wear, I like skirts just below my knee and necklines just above the collar bone. Too much skin is so predictable! Predictable! I wear my Movado watch from my mom every day, some kind of goofy Zara loafers, and my Matt & Nat "vegan?" leather bag, which fits documents in it, nice! The women I admire the most know how to stand out without being flashy. I love it! (See above exemplary ladies).

       Do you have any favorite rituals? Putting makeup on? Making breakfast? IDK maybe you're KOOKY like that! 


  1. Love this! I agree that conservative attention garners waay more respect and admiration than a short dress and heels. : ) xx

  2. Dayna happy happy birthday! ����

  3. Hi! I kinda just learned about your existence today and for some reason you were immediately so inspiring to me. Like you're pretty (ya already kno tho), sophisticated, funny, fashionable and just have a really warm aura~ Women like you are so empowering tbh! So thanks for sharing your mentalities/interests/fashion+beauty rituals with everyone it's really cool of you x

    1. Thank you so much Tiffany! I'm so glad you think so. I hope you like the posts to come xx

  4. Dayna was it your birthday on the 29th?
    regardless you always gave me this alexa-chung-esc-modest-yet-eye-catching vibe

    and it turned out to be true!

    If I made a list of my fashion icons you'd so be topping it

    Could you please make ootd posts though-I want to start dressing the way I aspire too and I need help ;__;
    thank you !

  5. you're amazing at articulation you should write for rookiemag or something

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  7. I am so happy that I found your blog. You have this kind of Jacqueline Kennedy/Scarlett Johansson aura about you. So classy and cool(+majestic haha!). Thanks for just being you! looking forward to more posts. xo Tove.

  8. Love your blog! Looking forward to more posts :)

  9. My favorite ritual in the morning in organizing and planning my entire day out. I spend all day doing school work then end my day with a good workout. I'm still in college so I have to stay on top of my game.
    btw, Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see what else you post!
    -Rachael A

  10. I don't know how I ended up in your blog but i'm glad i did it, i love seeing new blogs come to life, i also own a blog and would like to suggest you to try to change the font maybe it's just me but it's so hard to read (╯︵╰) but anyway hope to see more content soon <3

  11. I totally agree, I find myself dressing like a slob for my standards but then too put together for school. Nothing is more comfortable to me than a nice pencil skirt/trouser, blouse, heels and my purse. Most mornings I spend an hour doing my makeup, refreshing myself with a litre of hot lemon water before heading out for school. It's one of my favorite parts of my days!



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