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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saskia de Brauw

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Lea Seydoux

       There is something refreshing about a girl with cropped hair and little to no makeup. Femininity isn't defined simply by how we dress. It's about our attitude! It is easy to look at a man or woman and compare their look to a gender standard, instead of seeing their expression of themselves as something as simple as minimal or extravagant. Who is to say what "feminine" or "masculine" are even 'supposed' to look like? 

       'Outward androgyny' is a term used to describe the adoption of style tendencies from the opposite sex into one's own wardrobe, and is sometimes, particularly in recent years, seen as a fashion statement. (In the early 20th century, wearing pants as a woman, for example).

        Do you think this transcendence of gender roles, in terms of fashion, is a reflection of where society is moving on a macro level? Or is there an interdependent relationship between the development of many people's outward appearance and cultural change? I think dressing how we all would like, without being compared to a gender standard, would certainly be a positive societal adaptation.



  1. I definitely think that these type of fashion statements reflect where society is moving today. It's clear that lesbian, gay, transgender, and cross dressers are becoming more accepted. We are seeing more of them coming out and being proud of who they are, this whole fashion statement is a huge part of that. It's all about expressing yourself, through fashion, no matter who you are or what you like. I disagree with you in terms of you questioning what "femininity" and "masculinity" are even supposed to look like. There's definitely a stereotypical image of what a woman should look like (long hair, jewelry, dresses, and make up) and what a man should look like (short hair and appearing to be rugged). I think those images are becoming a thing of the past and that now everyone is coming into their own.

    1. Totally, I agree with a lot of this. I think you are misunderstanding my questioning who is to say what feminine and masculine are supposed to look like, though. I am saying that there shouldn't be a stereotypical image in the first place, is all. It shouldn't be that a woman is supposed to fit this mold and a man that mold (as history has laid out for them). I am saying this IS becoming a thing of the past.

    2. Okay, I reread it and now I understand what you were going for. It's great reading about these topics from your perspective, I'd really enjoy hearing more! I love your makeup videos, by the way. Do you think you'd ever make one about the clothes in your closet and what's a good "going out" look that you like?

    3. I'm happy you gave feedback & have a brain with opinions! Thank you for reading. & I would love to do that, yes :)

    4. Oh wow, thank you! If you make more posts like these I'll definitely be back to comment. (:



By Dayna Frazer