Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Sunday, February 15, 2015

       I have, for years, been wearing a cat eye. Only a cat eye. I think I was fourteen when I made it my go-to look, feeling completely unlike myself with anything but a black little kitten flick at the end of each eye.

       The other day, though, I miraculously and whimsically decided to deviate from this signature look, (which has become so popular in the past two years or so), and tried something "new." This is something very standard for others, but the average smokey eye has never been my thing until JUST now. Now you see, I think I'm going to be doing this a whole lot more. To me, it looks more natural, a little less planned, and goes really well with my wardrobe, which is more on the tailored/refined side. A smokey eye looks a bit more juxtaposed in my situation than something as streamlined and neat as a cat-eye. It also goes with honestly almost any other clothing style I can think of. Everyone wins!

Isabeli Fontana                                                Kate Moss

       It's only been about four days since trying it out (it kind of happened after I started to take my eye makeup off, starting with the cat-eye flicks, and realized I liked the eyeliner without it extending past my lids). I smudged a little brown pencil on the top and added some bottom lash mascara, and voilá!

       I know a lot of smokey eye looks involve eyeshadow, but I have done mine without thus far and am liking it as is. I use a very thin line of e.l.f. liquid eyeliner (without extending it out), let it dry, smudge a bit of brown L'oreal pencil over it, and a little under my lower lash line, then just use Covergirl mascara on the top and bottom lashes. It doesn't look like much, but I think that is the point. Just make sure, if you do this, not to use too much pencil underneath. It should start at the middle of your eye and extend out. The thickest application should be at the outer corners, same goes for on top.

       There are a zillion ways and degrees to which you can do a smokey eye. It's like baking a cake. There are like.. so many ways to make a cake! You can make it subtle and soft or bold and black, depending on your look, time of day, or occasion. Cat eyes can certainly be worn for almost all occasions and looks, but there's something beautiful about trying something new! Do you know any great smokey eye products? Would love to hear. xx.


  1. When I'm doing a smokey eye on the corner of my eyes I like to take my black gel liner and apply like I would normally but use my finger or another brush to smudge it out, it gives it this nice grayish smokey affect.
    On other days I like to use a burgundy shadow and use it as a smokey liner as well!

    1. Oh I will have to try that! I will tomorrow :) burgundy and reddish shadows are so in right now, good call! If I try a shadow that would probably go well for me I think. Thank you xx

  2. Please do a video tutorial for this :)

  3. I adore your look! I too have been doing the wing liner thing since I was about 16 and have yet to stop (I'm 21 now). I just feel so different without it. Like not myself. I'm really self conscious about my eyelids because they're a bit uneven and I feel like with the wing liner I can even them out.
    Hearing about your transition out of the wing liner world however has definitely inspired me to switch my ways. Hopefully I have enough confidence to do it! lol



By Dayna Frazer