The Modern Girl is Comfortable

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

       Comfort plays a greater role in one's appearance than we may imagine. Sure, we all "suffer for fashion" to varying small degrees, but we've all also seen (or been) that girl in extremely high heels hobbling into a restaurant, hiking down her dress, or just feeling all-over uncomfortable, yet not totally regretting the wardrobe choice because she read somewhere that the outfit choice would be sexy. Unfortunately, the perpetually chic 'effortlessness factor' is almost immediately eradicated from uncomfortable looking wardrobe choices such as these.

       The point is, the thing that shows off most about someone is their confidence, which is typically most easily read by someone's body language. If you feel out of your element in something, you are probably reflecting your self-consciousness in a tangibly observable way. There are times when trusting your gut is the way to go, and I believe wardrobe and vanity choices are exactly those times. Don't wear something that would make you want to constantly be checking on yourself or asking your friends how you look, as this can distract entirely from the look you were going for in the first place.

       In my opinion, it is somewhat archaic and outdated to dress uncomfortably. There are so many beautiful, comfy alternatives to what we see in editorials and on the runway. When I see a girl who is standing outside a nightclub in the dead of winter in a teeny dress and heels, all I can think is "Oh god, she must be in pain right now! Who is she doing that for? It can't be for herself..." The look on her face usually indicates this, as well. I am so distracted by her situation, that I can't even see her beauty!

       Ideally, try not to rely entirely on trendy clothing to make you look your best. Happiness and health are always in style, so focus on that before looking fashionable. Channel your energy into being physically and mentally comfortable and people will be more drawn to you than if you stepped way out of your comfort zone to wear something sexy.

       When I think of literally suffering for fashion, I think corsets and heels, and dressing for men. Think of yourself first. If lust didn't exist would you wear it? Impossible, yeah, but pretend! You don't have to sacrifice physically feeling great for amazing clothing.

       If you look in the mirror and not only don't like what you have on (this includes makeup) but don't feel like yourself, don't wear it. Especially not to impress someone else! It won't work. I promise you will be far more radiant in "your skin." Besides, if they're of any kind of importance, they'll like to see you the way you like to see yourself.


  1. hello! I have been following your blog and have taken your advice on the diet change :) I just a question (sorry it is not specifically targeted at this post!) -

    In recent months I have definitely realized that eating a more plant-based diet without the processed junk has done wonders for me, but I have also noticed that my skin has been breaking out like never before.

    I'm not sure if that has to do with some sort of detox that my change in diet has caused, but I was wondering you you have experienced this when you changed your diet.

    Any suggestions to help it out?

    Thanks xx

    1. Are you eating a lot of soy? Processed soy especially can make you break out. That's been my personal experience with it at least. It's typical for vegetarians and vegans to turn to soy as a protein alternative.

      My first week of my new diet, my skin did break out, but it didn't last longer than that one week. I hope it won't last for you! Try to exercise and maybe take a multivitamin. It could be that you're getting either too much or too little of a specific nutrient.

    2. Wow ok yeah that soy insight makes a lot of sense because I have increased my soy intake when I cut out other foods ... haha thank you!


  2. Love this post! I just wanted to ask, how often do you buy a new item of clothing? I'm trying to find that balance between saving money and trying not to get bored with my wardrobe. Thanks! xoxo

    1. I only buy something when I need it. At least that's what I do now. I'll assess what my wardrobe is missing and search for the perfect version of that thing. If I had to give an average, I probably buy a new clothing item every two weeks. I also donate clothes and try to do a closet detox every few months.


  3. I aspire to be as put together as you one day!

  4. Thank you for this incredible post, it's just what I needed to read. You are a very talented writer.

  5. I love how well written all of your posts are. I agree with you completely that in order to look your best you have to be comfortable. I once wore a tight skirt to an art gallery showing and although the outfit was cute I was constantly adjusting it and making sure I looked alright. Since then, I have been dressing comfortably and for myself. I'm glad you're sending out the message not to dress for a man. Most young women dress to impress men. As someone who is thought of as a role model for many young girls, I am glad you're leaving that message. Good for you!
    Btw, would you occasionally update us with your vegan lifestyle and maybe even post some recipes? Also, how's your (not so) new job?

    1. That's a perfect example! And yes I would love to. I will try to do that this weekend xx

  6. Love your point about not dressing for men! Last year I would have only ever worn heels and a tight dress/low cut top for nights out or dates, which always seemed to make me uncomfortable or attract the wrong sort of attention anyway. Please could you post some of your favorite outfits/general self confidence ideas?xx



By Dayna Frazer