Are You Afraid of Lipstick?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I know I used to be. For some reason, I was all about drawing 100 percent attention to my eyes until approximately one year ago. Any hue on my lips was seen as a distraction from my black liquid-lined eyes, as opposed to an enhancement to my overall look. I would actually apply a teeny bit of concealer with chapstick to make my lips practically disappear (my natural lip color felt like too much sometimes!). What caused this irrational fear of lip tint? Probably the fall 2006 / spring 2007 runway revival of the very nude lip. Or the old saying from every magazine ever "eyes or lips, but not both." I associated lipstick with older generations, as if it was now untouchable and out of date. This is all simply not true! Of course, too much is always going to be too much (lips, eyes, everything), but when done right, a woman in lipstick looks as if she's been swept up by timeless, chic, and lively femininity.

       Personally, I like a shade that is relatively close to my natural lip color at this point. My favorite is Bobbi Brown in Tulle, but lightly filling in my lips with Sephora's lip pencil in Royal Rose is just as nice (and lasts longer). These are both just a shade or two darker and a bit more pink than my own shade. It's kind of like the new nude. To go a bit darker and rosier, that is. A shade like this goes well when you want eyes and lips simultaneously. Think Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth. This look is very classic. Not too bold, but draws the perfect amount of attention to the shape of your lips without looking overdone.

       I don't typically wear darker shades or anything that deviates distinctively from my natural color (people also tend to associate wearing lipstick in general with bold and bright, but oftentimes, the most beautiful and flattering colors are relatively close to your own, anyway..). But, when I do, I like to do a bright matte red (the one I have is by e.l.f.) with a tiny bit of mascara and bronzer. I must emphasize that all my lipstick choices are matte. It looks more timeless, less contrived, has virtually no stickiness, and lasts longer.

       The best way to get the most natural, effortless, and minimalist look from any lipstick is to make sure you don't have dead skin on your lips. (Do you?! Quick: take a tiny bit of sugar and coconut/olive oil, mix, and scrub your lips). Then, apply lip balm, kiss your hand to get any off/make sure it isn't shiny, then apply the lipstick. After it is applied, do like all the well known beauties have always done, and kiss a napkin. (Better yet, press onto a napkin while smiling so that the tissue reaches into the creases of your lips as well). The perfect amount of lipstick is left on your lips. It won't look cakey or thick, and is much more flush to your skin. Alternatively, you can dab with your finger.

       Warning: Lately, I've seen a lot of people go way overboard with lipstick. I mean, at least they took a chance to try! But too many people want to attain Kylie Jenner's unnaturally large size with a lip pencil and not a syringe. I don't know if that is possible. It is okay to draw a little bit outside your lip line (and I'm sure I've made a mistake by not doing it right before), but going too far out looks feigned and you are not going to fool anyone. Stick to emphasizing your natural shape and it will be much more flattering.


  1. I think I'm a little afraid of lipstick. I only really stick to colors similar to my natural lip color or I add some darker color in the center of my lips and then spread it. I think I can't pull off the bold lip >________< I don't think I can actually even handle a lipliner haha



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    1. It wouldn't be Daynas personal blog to her followers anymore...

  3. Samantha O'ConnorMarch 5, 2015 at 7:07 AM

    I usually use lipstick that is about the same shade as my natural lip color. I want to be more daring and try to find a little bit of a bolder color! What lipstick brands do you suggest? I use Revlon but I swear it only lasts an hour, if that.

  4. Love this post! I've only recently started wearing lipstick, and much prefer neutral and subtle tones to vibrant reds or dark plums. I discovered Make Up For Ever's Aqua Rouge and fell in love with shade 3 (satin soft pink). It stays on all day, even when eating and drinking, and doesn't rub off on your drinking glass. Plus, it comes in a variety of flattering shades. I'd definitely recommend you check it out! Thanks for keeping this blog updated, I always enjoy your posts!

  5. You always write about original ideas and I absolutely love it! I don't wear lipstick... I really want to... but I'm scared to. I've never been much into lipstick or makeup for that matter but I'm thinking of trying out lip pencils... As you said, they last longer and a lot of my friends are really into Nars' "Soar" lip pencil right now and I really like the color. All ideas seems to point in the direction that lip sticks or lip pencils are worth giving a try. Anyways, that's my little rant lol! Thanks for this post! I look forward to reading more xx

    - Vanessa

  6. Hey Dayna,

    I've been reading this blog since its beginnings and I love it. You have such a great way with words and such a lovely, fantastically intelligent wit. I have loved learning and challenging my own thoughts and processes based on the articles and ideas you've posted. You really do critically evaluate topics of lifestyle etc but in such an inspiring, interesting way. Never really felt the need to post a comment but I just wanted to let you know I consider you to be pretty groovy and keep doing whatcha doin gal.

    Joey x
    (from Australia)

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