I Didn't Like Jeans

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Until today.

Today, on my lunch break, I walked over to fifth avenue and bought my first pair of jeans in probably… four years. There was no premeditation to this. It was a Totally. Normal. Day. (So I thought). In fact, I just started pulling out my spring dresses, as usual, with pants being the last thing on my mind and legs. I had strolled through this whole store, gathered up a light sweater, a dress, some flowy sheer pants, and zero pairs of jeans. I was going about my usual jean-less life, when suddenly, as I was JUST about to enter the changing room (should be called life-changing room – just wait), I saw them.

They were (and are) pale blue, not too pale or washed out –just right-, a little high waisted, skinny but not ankle squeezing 2006-2011 skinny, and had two teensy slits across the knees. Toosh level was high. I never felt so in love with my legs! Is this what jeans do? Is this why everyone likes them? I think I gasped out loud.

Sure, I own and have owned pants, and yes, a pair of black “jeans” that aren’t really jeans. It’s just… Real jeans, to me, have always given off a vibe of laziness. Like a step above sweatpants. Okay, maybe I’m losing you here, but… They just seemed a bit untidy and unflattering. And I didn’t get why, for some reason, everyone collectively decided that the color of blue denim just paired well with everything. Anyway, I guess I just hadn’t found the right ones. I have now seen the blue light.

Now that I really think about it, as the nineties are coming back, I’m realizing how much I love old photos of the 90s supers in their semi-high waisted denim, bare faces, and leather jackets. It’s effortless. Not lazy. Jeans are only really bad when they are simply bad jeans or you don’t know how to wear them.

This is yet another thing I’ve learned after living in the city. I’ve abandoned virtually all of my original clothing since moving here, and have adopted both open-mindedness about style and a lot of Zara and color in my closet. Not the cheapest transformation, but a good one I think.

Why do you wear jeans?


  1. What pants do you normally wear? I can't imagine not having jeans as a go to in my closet. I wear the occasional trouser but I am a born n' bred denim lover! But I am definitely ready to diversify...

    1. Hi Hannah :) normally I wear high waisted trousers. It's mostly because I work in an office and I've tended to buy clothes that I can wear to work as well as on the weekends. (Doesn't explain not wearing jeans in college though hehe). I think now I'm on my way to becoming a denim lover like you !

  2. Well aren't you going to tell us where these magical jeans are from?!

    1. Oh yes, Carly! They are from zara :) just like so many things.. But.. I am looking into finding some good high waisted Levi's now that I'm on this denim kick.

  3. I don't like wearing pants/ jeans in general, however since one year or so I've kinda been liking blue jeans like the traditional levis one.
    But I understand what you mean by the fact that they give off a vibe of laziness. To me, I like that "relaxed" style.
    (sorry for the mistakes i'm french)!
    I'm also sure that living elsewhere than where you lived for your past life make a huge change with your fashion taste, even more when living in New York ! You must see a lot of contrasting outfits! I am going in NY this week end for a few days and wondered if you had any vegan restaurant / shops / cafés you'd recommend? (sorry this is totally out of the article subject but I need cool places to go and eat :))
    Have a nice day !!!

    1. Hi Camille :) I too am starting to see it as relaxed instead of "lazy." Glad I can see it differently now.

      In terms of places to eat, try to get to:
      Bliss Cafe on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn
      Champs Diner on Meserole street, Brooklyn
      The jungle on Manhattan Ave, brooklyn
      Freehold Coffee, (the best coffee I've ever had) south 3rd street, brooklyn
      Sacred chow, sullivan street, Manhattan

      All of these are vegan/have vegan options :)

  4. you take pants really seriously lolol they just jeans grl

  5. Where did you get your jeans from? The pair sound almost revolutionary I want to try them out too!!

  6. Hi Dayna!

    I'm sorry if you've been asked this a million times before and already answered it, but I just had to: What are your favorite stores when looking for tops? And is Zara the store you get a lot of your pants from?

    You see I'm looking to refresh my wardrobe a bit for spring/summer so figured I could ask someone with a classy yet comfortable style :)

    Also I wanted to tell you I love this blog! You've really diversified it from how others may post about their day and focus on what type of coffee they got. Thanks for inspiring me xx

  7. I've avoided jeans as much as I can since early high school because they remind me of what I wore in middle school when I had no fashion sense, which was skinny blue jeans and a graphic tee shirt from stores like hollister and abercrombie. They're pretty much airport and dmv clothes to me now. However I'm totally feeling this post! Jeans can be soo chic they just have to be the right kind and I've got to get some soon.

  8. I totally understand! For the longest time, I hated jeans. I had a hard time accepting my body type for years because unfortunately, skinny jeans don't really suit me. But then I went through a similar ~*~breakthrough~*~ phase about a month ago when I saw a pair of slim boyfriend jeans in Uniqlo. They were light blue, had a rip in one knee, and were cuffed at the ankles. I tried them on and fell in love! Plus, they were super soft.

    On a completely random note, some of your posts on veganism and food have really inspired me to change my lifestyle and eat healthier. Thank you for that! By the way, did you ever watch a show called Tamako Market? I noticed that your username is mochiyummy and there's a running gag on the show that uses that name (for a talking bird whose name is mochiyucky, haha).

    I really love your blog! It's been very inspiring and uplifting to read. :)

  9. how do you feel about birkenstocks? maybe a new post on that?

  10. Great post! Why dont you post a picture of the jeans! Im curious to know how it looks on you! It would be great!

  11. Woah... it all makes sense... In all the 6 (or so) months of 'knowing' you, I cannot recall you ever wearing denim... ;o



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