1970s Cowgirl Grandma Chic is In, Everyone

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I am loving the bell-bottom, cropped denim wearing, basket carrying, flower-child embracing trend that's going on right now.
There is this look that is part 70s, part cowgirl, part folksy grandma, and I want you all to know about it. It's Texas meets Woodstock, but refined for 2015. I've heard her called "The Marlboro Woman," inspired by "The Marlboro Man," a rugged All-American cowboy, wearing denim in its raw, dusty form.

So... What does this girl look like? In essence, here "she" is:

Now how do you find pieces to channel this yourself? There are some rules I follow that may help:

  • Denim should be high waisted & fitted in the butt, but loose at the bottom. Ideally, they're cropped a bit. Zara.com has a 1970s denim wave going on right now. I have two pairs that I am wearing to death lately. I'm sure they still have lots. Otherwise, Etsy.com has tons of vintage pairs. Just search '70s denim' and find them in your size. 
  • Tops should be tucked in if you're wearing jeans. A tan belt (vegan leather or used is best!) pulls everything together nicely. T-shirts and anything fitted works well. Blues and greens are great, floral patterns too.
  • Button down dresses make the easiest outfit. Reformation and Free People always have amazing ones that fit beautifully.
  • Wide brimmed fedoras are taking a more cowboy turn these days. Stetson makes great cowboy hats. Anything that isn't too over the top will be great. You're best bet is probably a vintage shop or Etsy, again.
  • Remember that this isn't "boho" or anything flowy like that. It's more rugged and folsky, and everything is fitted in the waist still.
  • I like to use a basket as my handbag these days too. It's more charming and rustic than the usual purse. Here are a couple things I've gotten recently at thrift stores that go along with all this (worst quality photos for some reason, sorry!):


  1. you bell bottom babe
    love this post very unique


  2. Very groovy indeed :)

  3. You lucky lucky girl!
    I can't believe you found that basket at a thrift store!

  4. you bell bottom babe! great and unique post


  5. Loving this trend as well.. My style has always been either bohemian or the classic, sophisticated look. Which are polar opposites, I know. But I love how this one is like in the middle, where as it's not so hippie but it's a little more free than the classic fitted look. Love, love it!

  6. Loved this post!! <3

  7. I love you dayna and I'm taking notes :)

  8. I love your posts! You should totally write a post about your life as a model! I've seen you do a lot of photoshoots on instagram. What's it like? I've always wanted to be one myself (because I watch a lot of ANTM.) But I'm sure you'll have lots of interesting insights on the modelling industry :)



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