Visually Captivating Movies

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hey, there's nothing wrong with watching a movie because it's just plain beautiful. Luckily, most of these are also amazing altogether. I can't say some aren't a little strange or vacant, but sometimes that's the art of it all. It can be hard to know where to start in terms of finding a good movie, so here are some of my favorites for a day in.
This is just the tip of the movie iceberg, but there's a little bit of the very opulent, the very ambient, and the very weird all here. Really the only thing they have in common is their visual value.

1. Breathless

2. Valhalla Rising

3. Marie Antoinette

 4. Lost Highway

5. Broken Embraces

6. American Psycho

7. Vivre Sa Vie

8. Under the Skin

9. Somewhere

10. Silk

11. House

12. The Darjeeling Limited

13. Melancholia


  1. Visually are classic , it has culture and personality that made ​​the time. I did not watch all included , but Marie Antoinette have a female astral is adamant that fascinate . I plan to attend one ( at least) of these placements , after all are great tips for those who enjoy this dramatical position. :)

  2. I like this list! Some of the recent ones I've seen that stuck out were Under the skin and Melancholia. The soundtrack for Under the Skin was absolutely amazing and watching it in theatre gave me chills. Melancholia was so beautiful as well. Sometimes you have to watch a movie that is slow-paced to truly capture the emotions and visuals. I'll look into other ones you mentioned!

  3. have you seen a xavier dolan film? you might like his work. :-)

  4. If you havnt already seen it, Love In The Afternoon is a beautiful movie with Audrey Hepburn in it! You might like it ! :)

  5. this film called Bright Star by Jane Campion has got my head in every time i watch it.



By Dayna Frazer