Designer Labels Don't Really Matter

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I've never had much respect for the idea of choosing to wear one thing over another because it has a designer label on it. Actually, I can't say never! I feel like the less informed/maybe even fashionably less jaded me was enthused by the idea of wearing big designer names.
These days though, I've come to find that the most expensively dressed/designer clad people are the least aesthetically inspiring to me. It's almost as if in their exclusivity, they have forgotten how to get creative and work with what is monetarily/more practically available to them, and instead rely on some distant, magazine-approved authority figure like Karl Lagerfeld or Hedi Slimane to tell them what is okay to wear. It seems stifling and even (negatively sometimes) distracting to slap someone else's name across your clothing & accessories.

I have heard the argument of quality and timelessness in accordance with wearing extraordinarily expensive clothing, but I can easily say despite these factors, such pieces are still overpriced beyond imagination. I'm not the authority on what is worth a cost and what is not, but I have worked doing showroom modeling before collections are released and overheard price discussions between designers and clients. Three things are often brought up at these meetings -- production cost (how much it cost to make the actual product), wholesale cost (how much designers will charge department store clients like Saks to buy their product), and retail cost (how much the customer will be charged by the department store or the designer). The production cost is oftentimes quite low, and, in the case of "high end" designer clothes, retail price is extremely high.  You are essentially paying much more than necessary just for the label.

It's no doubt that what we see on the runway can be pleasing to the eye, and these designers are definitely some of the most talented in the world. The thing is, in my experience, wearing these things, and particularly wearing the items with a big label splashed across it, does not impress anyone besides the same kind of people who wear it themselves. It can sometimes come across as competitive and flashy. Yes it looks "expensive," but does that mean it looks better than a handmade bag from Etsy?

I believe that things that simply fit correctly, flatter your skin tone, are well made, and suit your daily practical needs are what look best. I don't think "who made them" makes all that much of a difference. I mean, if it happens to be designer, and happens to be the item that makes the most sense for your lifestyle, go for it. Also, I understand that once in a while, we all splurge on something that doesn't necessarily make sense. I don't want anyone to feel bad about wearing something that makes them happy (maybe this designer is the only one who can make your exact style/fit of something, who knows). What I just don't like is when people feel the need to break the bank to buy something because it has some specific initials on it. All in all, confidence, health, and just feeling comfortable wearing whatever makes you happy is what I have found actually stands out and looks attractive. People like this wear their clothes, and don't allow clothes to wear/label them.

What do you think about buying designer for designer's sake?


  1. Wow, this has actually made me think and possibly changed my mind!



By Dayna Frazer