Walking: For Sanity & Vanity

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I think long walks are my new favorite thing. I have to walk often for work, which can feel rushed and stressful when I am running late going from casting to casting, but I treat walking on my own time much differently. I particularly like to walk as a kind of meditative exercise. I will walk for about an hour at a time, once or twice a day.

When I say that I'm going for a walk to get a workout in, I feel a bit like an old lady. But honestly it's like the superfood of exercise - walking 4 mph (fast pace) for one hour burns 270 calories. If you do it once in the morning and once at night, you will burn close to 600 calories. That's like going to an intense workout class! But it simultaneously eases your mind, allows you to practice great posture, gives you the chance to soak up your surroundings or even just focus on your music, and doesn't leave you feeling wiped out.

Because it doesn't make you totally exhausted (due to it being lower intensity, but over a longer period of time) you don't feel reluctant to "just go do it" each day. Who doesn't like the sound of a nice walk? It can be much harder to muster up the courage and energy to go to a cardio class. Not that there is anything wrong with them! It's just that you might find it easier to only say yes to those classes twice a week. Whereas with walking fast, it's easy to say yes to it every day! By the end of the week, you might burn more calories power walking than you would have in your high-intensity spin classes, simply because you were able to do it more. I personally find it easier to be consistent with something that doesn't require so much energy at once.

Now, if you can combine walking consistently with an intense workout or some yoga here and there, I think that is probably ideal. I like to mix in some pilates lately for strength. But I mainly depend on walking for my cardio. I find it really enjoyable, and it brightens up my day every time I do it. It's really nice with friends, especially. You can actually talk to them (unlike with running) and spend time with them, and it's free! Combined with eating a plant based diet (mandatory sentence on my blog lol) I think it's the perfect combination. Let me know how it goes if you start! 

*found cheesy 'pretending to walk' photos for results*


  1. As someone who loves and focuses on cardio specifically - I really appreciate this post! A lot of people assume that to get a good cardio workout you need a high intensity cycling class or a run, which just isn't true. Although taking a walk tends to be more time consuming, you end up burning almost the same amount of calories walking 3 miles as you do running. Cardio is cardio, no matter how "slow" you go. Good thoughts :)

  2. I absolutely love the way you write! Do you have any advice or tips on writing? i want to start a blog soon

    1. Thank you :) I have my degree in history and political science, so liberal arts helped a lot with my writing skills! Definitely try reading articles from reputable news sources like the NYTimes or The Atlantic, which will give you ideas on to get a point across in relatively few paragraphs. Also, just practice and be open to letting your friends read/critique what you write :)

  3. dayna, please write another post about your favourite books

  4. This is a great idea and great blog dayna, walking to get a cardio workout is something many people overlook and they don't realise how fun and enjoyable it can be, I walk often but I think I may follow your lead and make it a regular part of my week. Thanks again for the great post

  5. It's fascinating the way you describe. The music on your walking pace, makes all usual shaft fun seed. Sometimes focus on each step is much more than knowing where to go.



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