4 Quick & Easy Ways to Feel Sophisticated

Monday, August 15, 2016

It's the little things...

Watch a classic movie:
It's nice if you can impress somebody with a good ole' fashioned movie reference. Beef up your knowledge of history, actors, and midcentury style by watching a few classic films. They can be very aesthetically inspiring. Some of my favorites include: Gilda (1946), How to Marry a Millionaire (1953), & Vivre Sa Vie (1962).

Make tea & coffee the right way:
Coffee and tea each have a vast and deliciously interesting history. Respect this and yourself by doing them some preparative justice. It's much cheaper to make these at home, despite some initial investment.

My boyfriend and I either use a moka pot or a pour over apparatus to make our coffee each morning. The moka pot is something I started using in Italy & is the most common and comparable alternative to an espresso machine. I use the Bialetti "1 cup" Moka Express and drink it black. The pour over my boyfriend uses and argues for "better control over the water's contact with the grounds." Both tools are also cool looking kitchen accessories.

In terms of tea, for me it's all about liking the china & choosing a nice tea brand. I always love Harney & Sons darjeeling tea and find that Lomonosov tea sets are the nicest and most timeless. You may shell out a bit of dough at first, but in the end it'll be cheaper than paying $3 for a single serving at a café each day.

Put flowers & a candle in your room:
Nothing cheers me up after a long day of work than picking up a bouquet at a bodega and putting it in a vase. It makes me feel special, even though I bought it myself, and looks so fresh and lovely. Lilies are my favorites. Lighting a scented candle feels like another slightly unnecessary but much appreciated step. That's what luxury is, right? Diptyque has really nice ones, but even a Glade candle will do. It's all in how you perceive it.

Wear lipstick:
Women either seem terrified of lipstick or can't step out of the house without it. I personally think I look dead without at least some cherry chapstick. I think it looks very lady like and, even if you're wearing no other makeup, can pull you right together in under a minute. I prefer a slightly matte (not Kylie Jenner matte) red, coral, or nude lip. These are classics & everyone can find one to suit their skin-tone. Apply straight from the tube (start with a matching liner on the outer edge if you wish, to prevent color bleeding), then pat with your finger or gently with a tissue to keep things from looking too waxy. To make sure nothing gets on your teeth, put your lips around your finger and pull out. This gets everything off the inside of your lips. My favorites are Dior in Trafalgar (a classic red shade) and Lancome Le Lipstique in Sheer Natural (a versatile nude).


  1. That tea set is gorgeous, I can't wait to have my own place and my own cute china/silverware (first world desires, amirite). And unfortunately I have yet to find myself a vegan lipstick shade that works perfectly with my skin tone. The search continues! :P

  2. Your posts always make my day, and I really enjoyed this one! You have a great vibe- thanks for sharing some personal favorites! My fave candle brand to recommend to others is Paddywax- they just came out with some scents based on well known authors and I'm in love with the Egdar Allan Poe one. PS I also loved your bangs post- would you ever do a future post about how to maintain them/what you have learned about having short bangs long term?


  3. I don't know why but I always feel so calm when I read your blog

  4. Really nice post!

  5. This is so cute !! <3 I love putting a teeny bit of lavender essential oil on my pillow case ! Got me feelin like a kween

  6. Hey Dayna! loved this post. I was wondering do you read magazines and which ones? or are you more of a book person? Xxo



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