Sunday Riley Game Changers

Monday, October 24, 2016

I'm almost always suspicious of heavy branding and advertising - I figure a company that can afford that kind of marketing is probably an extension of a corporate conglomerate that doesn't have much of your health, or even ideal beauty, in mind. When I'm about to drop big dough, I tend to gravitate towards somewhat smaller companies with a message, ones that have a tendency to use minimal but impactful ingredients, most of which can be found in nature - not just created in a lab.
I think I mistook all the hype I was hearing about Sunday Riley for their own marketing... But I realized I was bumping into it all the time not because they were pushing it on me, but because it's simply what everybody's talking about!

The company itself is really just lovely. Their products are cruelty free/not tested on animals, all are vegan, and everything uses really interesting and creative botanical combinations. This Luna night oil I've been using lately is blue from the Blue Tansy added, which helps relieve redness. Other ingredients like chia seed oil give your skin a plumping boost of plant-based Omega-3. I like to layer it over the Good Genes serum, which actually makes my face tingle a little at first and noticeably brightens my whole face (I even use it under and around my eyes). Its plumping, but also helps clear breakouts. I had a bad week of little forehead bumps, put this on, and they were gone in two nights.

The Ceramic Slip cleanser is also really neat. It looks and foams like regular gel cleanser, but drags across your skin like clay, which seems to pull everything out of your pores. I haven't read much about it, but that's what it's been doing for me. I love it and even use it with my Clarisonic. When you wash it off, it feels like you just rinsed off a clay mask.


  1. Hey, I was wondering would you recommend replacing the caudelie serum with this one?

  2. Dayna, would you consider doing a post about what makeups you use? I have been searching high and low for cruelty free, silicone free, etc. primers and foundations and thought of you. Best wishes, beautiful gal! xx



By Dayna Frazer