Thoughts This Week no. 1

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Links to a fire workout, a quick and veggie-packed pasta recipe, and more...

Here's an amazing and quick yogi ab exercise. Yoga with Adriene is my favorite!

A one-pot-pasta recipe that'll fill you right up.

WWOOF just added dozens of new American farms to their site. I'm a huge fan as a way to volunteer and connect with your roots. No pun intended.

"10 Definitive Reasons You Need More Houseplants in Your Life"

"Countable" is an app you can download to tell your local representatives how you feel on important legislation, and hopefully impact their final votes.

Would love to get my hands on some of these MoonDeli concoctions soon!

Smelled this Strange Invisible zodiac perfume in Scorpio and can't stop thinking about it.

Photos are by Shin Tani for "Trois the Label"


  1. Wow, that perfume idea is so cool and I totally know what I'm getting my zodiac obsessed friend for her birthday!! You really inspire me Dayna altogether in life, health, beauty and philosophy. You are truly one of a kind!

  2. Oh, and also! I'm from the comment earlier haha, could you maybe do a favourite books list and/or favorite movies? I'm at a total standstill on what to watch/read next and I know you have impeccable taste! xx

  3. Awesome! Hope these "thoughts" will be a mini series type things love your posts!

  4. JoanMarie Martin FrazerFebruary 19, 2017 at 12:10 PM

    beautiful simplicity so welcome during these complex times!



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