Skincare Options for Under $12

Friday, March 3, 2017

I realized after my most recent skincare post that a lot of the products I posted about are on the higher end of the price spectrum. I tend to justify my splurging by saying "well... it's for work!" but that doesn't mean those products are the only ones worth using. Of course not! There are plenty of affordable alternatives.
Whether they're at the drugstore, things you can make at home, or available online, I'll try to cover all the bases of my normal routine in a cost effective manner...

Night Routine in order of steps:
Cleanser: Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream - $7 (also at Whole Foods & Target). Its very rich and creamy. You may need to double wash to remove heavy makeup, but it's so dreamy overall.
Peel: I haven't actually tested a good alternative to the Dennis Gross Peel. I know L'Oreal makes a good one, but I don't believe it's cruelty free. The peel isn't necessary by any means though. I'll alternatively list a weekly mask that'll give somewhat similar brightening results.
Weekly mask: Innisfree Brightening Sheet Mask - $1 each. These are a fun treat. I love a good sheet mask to brighten, tighten, or whatever I feel I need that day. Innisfree makes my favorite line.
Toning Water: Mario Bedescu Rosewater - $7 (also available at Urban Outfitters). This smells super lovely and is very calming. I bring this same brand around with me in my bag all day.
Serum: Naturalico Vitamin C Serum - $12. Vitamin C at this concentration is really brightening for all skin types and helps protect skin from free radical damage. 
Moisturizer: Weleda Skin Food - $12. This is the most hydrating cream I may have ever used. Some makeup artists will use it on set because even through all the heavy makeup, you'll still look dewy. I would suggest it at night because of all the calming botanical ingredients.
Lips: My sister swears by raw shea butter - $6.50 for lips
Eyes: Alba Green Tea Eye Gel - $12 (available at Target). Alba is a lovely botanical brand that I've trusted for years. Their products have never made me break out & have always been really effective. This is a very refreshing & quenching eye gel.
Oil: After the Weleda Skin Food, I doubt you'll need an oil, but if you do want one, or if you want to sub the oil for your moisturizer one night (I do this if I get bumps on my forehead) I suggest 100% Squalane Oil - $10. It's made from just olives, is super hydrating, and doesn't leave your skin greasy.

If buying the whole routine puts you out, I suggest at least a nice cleanser & moisturizer used every night before bed.

Morning Routine:
Cleanser: KOSE Cleansing Oil - $10. This is a nice Korean facial oil that'll take off any mascara worked out from your eyelashes while you slept & won't strip your skin of the little bit of natural moisture you've built since you washed before bed. 
Moisture: To be honest, I don't even use a whole lot of moisturizer in the morning. I usually skip right to sunscreen unless I'm feeling fancy. So that is definitely the affordable option.
SPF: Alba Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 45 - $6 (also available at Target). This is a simple and natural sunscreen for everyday use. I used it for about 4 years throughout college and am so thankful for its existence. It doubles as a nice moisturizer. 
Lips: The Harry's brand lip balm I suggested before is actually only $3/tube and does have that nice bonus SPF 15, so I'll still list it here. 

If you bought only one cleanser, I'd suggest the KOSE for it's makeup removing abilities. 



  1. recommend anything for guys or the same follows? .... hahaha I know your blog is more for women I enjoy reading your blogs even though they don't apply to guys all the time. good day.

    1. I would say the same generally applies. Although the world of face shaving makes it a bit different... Harry's has a nice shaving set (I think its 20 dollars) and I love that line. Kiehl's is also a brand my boyfriend and a few of his friends have used consistently. They have great male targeted products in general. You may want to check out their shave cream and energizing scrub (which prevents ingrown hairs) here :

      Besides that, I don't think men have a different kind of skin than women, so using the same products should be just as beneficial. I think men find it difficult to approach the world of skincare because advertising is so female centric. They then gravitate toward products advertised for men only. It doesn't mean they're better for you though :)

  2. finally someone recommending AFFORDABLE skincare! thank you so much Dayna xx

  3. Love this!! I was wondering, what moisturiser do you use on your body? I've tried it all, even coconut oil, and nothing gives me that really smooth, soft skin!

  4. Love that all of this is affordable! Just be cautious with the Burts Bees cleanser if you have acne prone skin because it does contain a few comedogenic oils. I used a similar burts bees cleanser last month and it gave me a horrible breakout that I'm still recovering from. I'm sure if you don't have acne prone skin this would be a great cleanser though!

  5. Dayna, I absolutely love your blog - I find myself here daily hoping for a new post! I have a question about skincare if you don't mind. You seem like you know all the ins and outs, and I'm really stuck for what to do. I've recently come off of the pill and (I assume) my hormones are all out of whack - I've been suffering from acne ever since doing so. As somebody who has always put a lot of effort into taking care of my skin, this has been very troubling. I follow a plant based diet (and I actually noticed my skin that my skin got worse when I changed to this diet around 2 years ago). I have normal skin, which can get slightly oily during the day if I'm wearing makeup. I was wondering if you could recommend ANYTHING? Whether it be skincare products, certain foods, etc.
    Thank you so much for your constant wisdom and positivity. You brighten my day! x

  6. I use Weleda Skin Food for my hands at work! I always thought it was a hand cream, never thought about face use. I really appreciate this post, thank you for taking the time to write it :)

  7. YEs!! Love all your posts on skincare and this one was so beneficial because of the price range. I would really recommend the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser which is like $10ish (or there's one at whole foods that has the same packaging but with a different label and is just as good for $6). I have super sensitive skin and this is awesome. It never breaks me out because of how gentle it is and takes my makeup off (warning: I don't wear foundation).

  8. Hi Dayna- I have been searching non stop for your eyeglasses that Ive seen on Instagram. Can you please let me know where they're from, I've never been so obsessed with eye glasses (I usually hate when I have to wear mine). Thank you so much, your blog continues to be inspirational and dedicated. xoxo

  9. yes this is fantastic! I've been looking for an affordable (and good) serum and eye gel!
    Love the frequent posts

  10. Should not of read this, because I'll probably be buying everything. (; Thank you!

  11. I love your blog so much! It is very helpful!! Keep doing you girl!



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