My Favorite Places in Brooklyn

Saturday, May 20, 2017

In case you all haven't gathered it from every photo I post being located in "Brooklyn, NY"... I live in Brooklyn, NY. Williamsburg, specifically. Now I'm no expert on nightlife or the newest, latest, and greatest, but I do know what I like to do, and maybe that can be helpful to those of you visiting. Here is a list of the "bests" in my own little world. If you live here also and know great spots, feel free to add in the comments. x

Williamsburg really is a lovely place to visit. If you plan on coming to NYC, I highly recommend taking a stroll through this little village. I prefer it to most of Manhattan, actually. It's filled with youth, art, amazing views, fantastic food, and shopping. Best part is, all of the places below are within such a small radius, you could walk to all of them in one afternoon.

Best vintage shopping:
Beacon's Closet - endless supply of second-hand, designer pieces
Fox & Faun - small & well curated, affordable
Le Grand Strip - funky, very old-school lineup
Arbor Vitae - very inexpensive, nice 50s-70s vibe

Best cheap eats:
By Chloe - all vegan breakfast, lunch, & dinner
La Superior - cheap, very authentic Mexican
Sage - yummy Thai
Gotan - amazing breakfast
Snacky - delicious Asian fusion
Dunwell Donuts - all vegan donut shop
Champs Diner - all vegan diner
Setagaya - awesome ramen bar w/ vegan options
Van Leeuwens - vegan & traditional ice cream shop with creative flavors

Best upscale dining:
Leuca - fantastic authentic Sicilian
Zenkichi - private booths, pre fixe menu Japanese
D.O.C. Wine Bar - cozy hole in the wall, Italian

Radegast Beer Garden - traditional German biergarten
Juliette - lovely plant-filled French vibe & great cocktails
Maison Premiere - James Beard award winning cocktails (but a price to match)
Hotel Delmano - cozy & intimate
Westlight - best view of Manhattan in Brooklyn

all photos by me :)


  1. this is lovely! great pics! x

  2. Hi Dayna! I'm in love with your blog. Keep on the good work! I was wondering if you could tell me what shoes do you use to walk around the city? Any faves or brand recommendations? I'm moving to the city soon and I don't know what essentials should I buy.

  3. Love it!
    I live in Montreal and I hope to visit NYC soon so thank you for this :-)

  4. this is so great I always look forward to your posts
    - Sydney, Australia

  5. Love each and every of your blog posts. Please continue Dayna, all my friends check every other day to see if you uploaded a new one. Hehe. Love you!!! <3

  6. Just what I needed! I am visiting NYC this summer, so this is very helpful thank you! xoxo from the Netherlands



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